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Managing money on the U.S. Prepaid Card is easy now. Thanks to the exclusive U.S. Money Prepaid Card app! The application is available on both the Google Play Store and the App Store. Download the U.S. Money Prepaid Card app and get 24 X 7 hours of access to the funds and the banking requirements for the overall need.

Metropolitan Commercial Bank issues the U.S. Money Visa Prepaid Card which is a member of FDIC and has a license from Visa USA Inc. Accountholders of U.S. Money Visa Prepaid Card will be able to check balance, check account alerts and transactions, transfer and receive funds, secure the credentials and do many more with the app.

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Initiating the first login

For that, you need to perform your first login. After initiating the first log in online through the app, or www.usmoneycard.com you can set up a password for future online access. First-time users must follow this step:

  • Open the U.S. Money Visa Prepaid Card app/Open the browser and visit usmoneycard.com and click on Login from the top menu bar.

U.S. Money Prepaid Card

  • Type the 16 digit card number from the front portion of your card.
  • In the place of a password, write down your 3 digit CVV number plus 4 digits of the birth year as a temporary password. For instance, if your CVV number is 123 and the birth year is 1995, then your temporary password would be 1231995.
  • Click on Login.

U.S. Money Prepaid Card Login

  • On the first login, you would be asked to change your password. Create a new account password as per the instruction.
  • On the subsequent login, enter the 16 digit card number and the newly set password.

Forgot Password

For instances, when you forget your password, you must refer to the following steps to recover the credential successfully:

  • Open the U.S. Money Visa Prepaid Card app/Open the browser and visit usmoneycard.com and click on Login from the top menu bar.
  • Call the number 1-866-872-9820.

U.S. Money Prepaid Card forget password

  • The staff will help you through the process of resetting the password.

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Features of U.S. Money Prepaid Card:

  • Money Management: Check the balance of the card. You can also check the spending, reloading, transfer of money and direct deposit history. Get regular notifications and alerts of your balance.
  • Transfer Funds: Easily transfer money from your US Money Card to another card. Via Green Dot or Western Union move your money to the prepaid account. With built-in location fonder, track the card reload location.
  • Security: Keeping your money secured is the top priority. With a safe login system, it is the duty to keep the account secure. All funds loaded in the card are insured by FDIC. Ensures full protection from the unauthorized usage of the prepaid card.

Customer Care:

For any queries, requests, and complaints, dial the number: 1-866-872-9820. Speak to the customer care executive to get your problem solved.


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