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Panera Bread Menus

Panera Bread Company is a popular bakery-cafe fast-casual restaurant chain. It’s headquarters is in Missouri. Panera is very concerned about the quality of food. Every food served at Panera is clean, no preservatives, sweeteners, flavour or colours from artificial sources. Health is wealth, every meal at Panera is served with wholesome ingredients like fruits and vegetables. Raw materials are only sourced from trusted factories and farms.

Panera Bread Menu & Prices

Panera Bread Menus

There is a list below that has the full menu and price list currently available at Panera Bread. Read everything properly and carefully.

Signature Panini


Frontega Chicken Whole $7.69
Frontega Chicken Half $5.69
Steak & White Cheddar Whole $8.79
Steak & White Cheddar Half $6.19

Premium Signature Sandwiches

Roasted Turkey & Avocado BLT Whole $8.79
Roasted Turkey & Avocado BLT Half $6.19
Roasted Turkey, Apple & Cheddar Whole $9.29
Roasted Turkey, Apple & Cheddar Half $6.59




Signature Sandwiches


Bacon Turkey Bravo Whole $7.69
Bacon Turkey Bravo Half $5.69
Napa Almond Chicken Salad Whole $7.19
Napa Almond Chicken Salad Half $5.29
Italian Combo Whole $8.29
Italian Combo Half $5.99
Asiago Steak Whole $8.29
Asiago Steak Half $5.99

Cafe Sandwiches


Sierra Turkey Whole $7.19
Sierra Turkey Half $5.29
Smoked Turkey Breast Whole $6.39
Smoked Turkey Breast Half $4.69
Mediterranean Veggie Whole $6.39
Mediterranean Veggie Half $4.69
Classic Grilled Cheese Whole $6.39
Classic Grilled Cheese Half $4.69
Tuna Salad Whole $6.39
Tuna Salad Half $4.69
Smoked Ham & Swiss Whole $6.39
Smoked Ham & Swiss Half $4.69

Broth Bowls

Soba Noodle Bowl with chicken $8.69
Soba Noodle Bowl with Edamame $8.19
Lentil Quinoa Bowl with Chicken $8.69
Lentil Quinoa Bowl with Cage-Free Egg $8.19
Soba Noodle Bowl with Edamame or Lentil Quinoa Bowl with Cage-Free Egg – Meal $11.18
Soba Noodle Bowl with Chicken or Lentil Quinoa Bowl with Chicken – Meal $11.18

Premium Signature Pastas

Chicken Tortellini Alfredo $8.19
Butternut Squash Ravioli $8.19
Pasta Primavera $8.19
Pesto Sacchettini Pasta $7.19
Tortellini Alfredo Pasta


Pesto Sacchettini or Tortellini Alfredo Pasta – Meal $10.18
Chicken Tortellini Alfredo, Butternut Squash Ravioli or Pasta Primavera – Meal $11.18

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Signature Pasta


Mac & Cheese Small $4.99
Mac & Cheese Large $7.99
Mac & Cheese Bread Bowl $5.99


Tomato Mozzarella Flatbread $4.99
Chicken, Ham & Swiss Flatbread $5.99
Roasted Turkey Cranberry Flatbread $5.99
Southwestern Chicken Flatbread $4.99
Tomato Mozzarella or Southwestern Chicken Flatbreads 2 Pc. $7.59
Chicken, Ham & Swiss or Roasted Turkey Cranberry Flatbreads 2 Pc. $8.59

Premium Signature Salads

Chicken Cobb with Avocado Whole $8.79
Chicken Cobb with Avocado Half $6.19
Power Kale Chicken Caesar Salad Whole $9.29
Power Kale Chicken Caesar Salad Half $6.59
Mediterranean Chicken & Quinoa Salad Whole $9.29
Mediterranean Chicken & Quinoa Salad Half $6.59
Ancient Grain, Arugula & Chicken Salad Whole $9.29
Ancient Grain, Arugula & Chicken Salad Half $6.59

Signature Salads

BBQ Chicken Salad Whole $8.49
BBQ Chicken Salad Half $5.99
Thai Chicken Salad Whole $8.79
Thai Chicken Salad Half $6.19
Asian Sesame Chicken Salad Whole $7.79
Asian Sesame Chicken Salad Half $5.69
Fuji Apple Chicken Salad Whole $8.49
Fuji Apple Chicken Salad Half $5.99
Chicken Caesar Salad Whole $7.79
Chicken Caesar Salad Half $5.69
Greek with Chicken Salad Whole $7.79
Greek with Chicken Salad Half $5.69
Classic with Chicken Salad Whole $7.79
Classic with Chicken Salad Half $5.69
Chicken Cobb Salad Whole $8.49
Chicken Cobb Salad Half $5.99

Cafe Salads

Greek Salad Whole $6.09
Greek Salad Half $4.59
Classic Salad Whole $6.09
Classic Salad Half $4.59
Caesar Salad Whole $6.09
Caesar Salad Half $4.59

Individual Soups

Vegetarian Creamy Tomato Soup Cup $4.29
Vegetarian Creamy Tomato Soup Bowl $5.29
Vegetarian Creamy Tomato Soup Bread Bowl $5.29
Broccoli Cheddar Soup Cup $4.29
Broccoli Cheddar Soup Bowl $5.29
Broccoli Cheddar Soup Bread Bowl $5.29
All Natural Low-Fat Chicken Noodle Soup Cup $4.29
All Natural Low-Fat Chicken Noodle Soup Bowl $5.29
All Natural Low-Fat Chicken Noodle Soup Bread Bowl $5.29
All-Natural Turkey Chili Cup $4.29
All-Natural Turkey Chili Bowl
Cream of Chicken & Wild Rice Soup Cup $4.29
Cream of Chicken & Wild Rice Soup Bowl $5.29
Cream of Chicken & Wild Rice Soup Bread Bowl $5.29
Low-Fat Vegetarian Black Bean Soup Cup $4.29
Low-Fat Vegetarian Black Bean Soup Bowl $5.29
Low-Fat Vegetarian Black Bean Soup Bread Bowl $5.29
New England Clam Chowder Soup Cup $4.29
New England Clam Chowder Soup Bowl $5.29
New England Clam Chowder Soup Bread Bowl $5.29
Vegetarian Autumn Squash Soup Cup $4.29
Vegetarian Autumn Squash Soup Bowl $5.29
Vegetarian Autumn Squash Soup Bread Bowl $5.29
Baked Potato Soup Cup $4.29
Baked Potato Soup Bowl $5.29
Baked Potato Soup Bread Bowl $5.29
Low-Fat Garden Vegetable Soup Cup $4.29
Low-Fat Garden Vegetable Soup Bowl $5.29
Low-Fat Garden Vegetable Soup Bread Bowl $5.29

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Panera Bread Hours & Locations:

General Hours

Monday – Saturday: 6.00am – 9.00pm
Sunday: 7.00am – 8.00pm


There are over 2000+ locations of Panera Bread across the United States & Canada.


Panera Bread Phone Numbers

Toll-Free Number:

  • (855) 372-6372

Corporate Offices:

  • (314) 984-1000
  • (855) 372-6372


Panera Bread Chat:

Panera Bread Email:

Corporate Office Address:

Panera, LLC

3630 South Geyer Rd – Suite 100

St. Louis County, Missouri

United States

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