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Finding a game is in your hand! Become the first one in the crowd to reach before playoffs! With Dish’s Game Finder feature, you can easily find the relevant information including the time, enough time to stock up your snacks and popcorns.

What is Game Finder

Game Finder feature can be used as the guide to find out about your favourite sports schedules and their broadcasting channels. With this feature, DISH gives you the opportunity to check the sports schedules before eight days!

Accessing Game Finder and managing the app

Game Finder app is also available for both Android and iOS. Sports watching experience would be just upgraded to pro with the regular u date on your receiver via the app. Check the updated scores and stats of any sports, check out the love games sorted as per the excitement meter by the Thuuz. With Thuuz, rating, you can easily check the most exciting sporting event and which wan can be avoided.

In case, you are craving for a schedule of your favourite team playtime, go to the Team Page on the Game Finder and check out the games played team-wise under a single list. You can also customise your experience by sorting the favourite teams, sports or sporting event on the top of your list.

In this way, you can get the first notification about any upcoming events related to them.  You can also turn ion the recording feature and alert as soon as your team or sporting event is hosted so that you do not miss even the kick-off.

Check out the page www.mydish.com/gamefinder to find more about the functioning and navigation.

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One of a kind features of Game Finder

There are many more unique features that make Game Finder stand apart from other channel browsing apps:

  • Text Search: Quick way to search the channels or game via using your receiver’s Search feature.
  • Voice Search: if you have a Hooper supporting Voice Remote Control feature, then you can easily pick out your game by saying the commands like, “Search for Champions League” and so on.
  • On the Go Games: The DISH Anywhere “Sports” feature you can get the first news about the most exciting and happening sports event of the year beforehand! Even when you are not in front of your television! On customising and setting your favourite team, games, channels, you can track the latest game and score updates via Game Finder app right from your phone. Just use your username and password of your MyDISH account to access!

Using Find Your Games Now

Finding your games is easier now. Refer to these simple steps to know how you can find your sports even by using Game Finder.

  • Visit mydish.com/gamefinder from your browser/Open the Game Finder app from your Smartphone.
  • If you are accessing your app., you do not need to login to your account just to find the games. However, you need to access your account in order to get the latest updates and customise your preference.
  • Under Find Your Games Now, choose the game from the given sports category.

Find Sports Games from DISH

  • Enter the Zip Code of your area.
  • Select the Date of your game.
  • Specify if you are connected to Hopper/Joey
  • Click on Find

Check out the Game Finder app by DISH

My Game is showing Blacked Out-What should I do?

  • The blackout usually happens in case the broadcaster’s right to air a sporting event is breaching the rights of another broadcaster. For instances, in case if Channel A buys the right to air your home team’s sporting event, then the  Channel B where you frequently watch the events of your home time might blackout in the favour of Channel A which may have a pan-national or global presence.
  • Games played outside the boundaries of your home team area might not be included if you have opted for a basic TV subscription. In such a case, you need to check with your plans and can include the additional sports plans like NBA League Pass or Multi-Sport Pack with your basic subscription.
  • To learn more about blackouts, visit my.dish.com/support/blackouts.
  • To check the sports packages and plans, visit my.dish.com/upgrades/sports.

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Customer Care


Dial the number 800-333-3474 to speak directly with the customer support executive.

Time: 7 days a week, 8:00 am – Midnight ET.


Visit my.dish.com/support/contact. Scroll down and click on Chat With Us tab.

Time: 7 days a week, 8:00 am – Midnight ET.


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