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Confused about gifting ideas? Gift your loved ones and well-wishers Five Back Visa Gift Card this time. Five Back Visa Gift Card is a prepaid gift card loaded with a definite amount of funds. Cardholders can use this card just like any other Visa Card to make the purchase of goods or services where Visa Card is acceptable, both offline and online.

  • Cashback

Five Back Visa Gift Card is issued and distributed by Meta Bank and Blackhawk Network California Inc.  Each Five Back Visa Gift Card is a member of FDIC and has a pursuant license from the Visa U.S.A. Inc.   Purchase from Five Back Visa Gift Card also ensures special offers and cashback with earning up to 5 % of the total amount of purchase as cashback from the selected stores. Every purchase ensures you the cashback from the selected merchant stores and online sites which you can check at www.fivebackgift.com.

  • Adding the balance

The Award Sponsor Blackhawk Network is responsible for adding the percentage (up to 5 %) of the cashback on your purchase amount of your Card Balance including your sales tax. The Sponsor will be responsible for crediting cashback and calculate the total amount of purchase made from the partner merchant.

  • Calculating Cashback Amount

If the amount is fractional, it will round up to the nearest cents. For instance, if you have won $4.96 cashback, it will be rounded up to a total of $5.

  • TAT for Cash Back Crediting

Within 48 hours of the purchase, the cashback earning will be credited to your card.

  • Limit for earning

Keep on earning cashback until the balance in your card s below 10 cents. After reaching less 5than 10 cents threshold you will stop earning the cashback.

  • Refund policy

On return and refund of any purchase or services that had already credited cashback, the Award Sponsor reserves the right to cancel the cashback amount and reverse it.

  • Issuance

Meta Bank is not responsible for cashback calculation and crediting. It is solely handled and managed by Award Sponsor.

  • Usage

As mentioned earlier, the card can be used anywhere Visa card is accepted within the United States. Except dictated by the law, the amount in the card is not redeemable by cash. It cannot be used for withdrawing cash from the ATM or cash dispenser. The card is strictly prohibited from using during gambling and merchants that require manual imprinting.

  • Fees

The best part about Five Back Visa Gift Card is that there are no separate transaction fees incurred after purchasing the card.

  • Expiry

Though the card has an expiry date (printed on the front of the card), the funds never get expired. If your card still has funded postcard validity expiration, call up 1 (844) 201-8796 and request for a replacement card with the remaining balance transferred automatically. The card will also have updated valid thru date and will be mailed to you at zero additional charges.

  • Fund

Being a prepaid gift card, you cannot add additional value to the card apart from the balance even if the fund is still there. The cashback value can be added only by the Award Sponsor on shopping from the selected merchants.

  • Purchase Pattern

In case your purchase is greater than the balance available in your card, ask the cashier to extract the entire amount from the card and pay the remaining balance using other modes of payment (cash, debit card, credit card, PayPal, online)

  • Transaction Pattern

Restaurants and other services-oriented establishments may charge an additional 20 % or similar amount as the service tax or tips. In such cases, if the amount of the card is less than the billed 20 % additional, the payment will be declined. Ensure that the card has an additional 20 % apart from the total amount to cover the service cost.

  • Gas and fuel purchase

For paying at gasoline stations, it is recommended to prepay for the gas and fuel inside the register. In this way, you can avoid authorization hold on the card fund for being more than the purchase amount.

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  • Card lost or stolen

Cards lost or stolen must be reported immediately to the 1 (844) 201-8796 and initiate the cancellation of the card. Additional information like card number, name, etc may be asked for verification. If you have gifted the card to someone in your name, make sure to provide the basic details to the recipient.  If Card has a fund remaining, a free replacement Card will be issued with the funds remaining during the loss.

  • Personal Identification Number

The default Personal Identification Number (PIN) is the last four digits of your Card Number. However, you can also personalize the PIN via the Five Back Visa Gift Card online portal at www.fivebackgift.com or by calling at 1 (844) 201-8796. The PIN can be used for the purchase and obtaining service wherever Visa Card is acceptable. No cash withdrawal facility is available.

Online facilities  of Five Back Visa Gift Card

The official website of Five Back Visa Gift Card has been designed for the gift card holders to do multiple tasks of card management from one point. Customers can execute the following tasks:

  • Register the card online for the online transaction.
  • Check the balance.
  • Get details of the transaction.
  • Change and personalize Personal Identification Number.

Note: Online registration does not incur any additional charges.

Registration, balance check, and PIN change

To start registering online and take advantage of the above-mentioned task:

Five Back Visa Gift Card Registration

  • For checking card balance/transaction details and change the Pin, click on Check Balance/Transactions and Personalize PIN
  • Enter the Gift Card Number from the front of the card.
  • Type the Expiration Date.
  • Enter the 3 digit code (CVV2) from the back of the card.

Five Back Visa Gift Card check balance

Customer Care

Connect with the Customer Assistance Help Desk for overall assistance. While contacting the help desk, mention the information like your name, last four digits of registered phone number and card account number for verification. If you have received the card as a gift, make sure to obtain the following information from the giver and note down somewhere safe:


Dial 1 (844) 201-8796 or the number printed at the back of your gift card to talk directly with the customer service representative.

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